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May 24th, 2015

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It’s common knowledge that Sea Freight is still have the main role of transport globe wise. In conjunction with intermodal Railway Freight makes main transport bloodlines. Shipments from China and US can be handled with minimum cost at acceptable rate. ...


If you require we can offer full door to door service including packaging of your household. We will make assessment of necessary packing materials and provide it for you. ...

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Our current effort is to install intermodal station in Skopje, center of Balkan. Intermodal transport is future to most reliable, safe, fast and cheap transport around the globe. Position that Skopje has on Balkan Peninsula makes it ideal choice for such a post. We are already involved in organizing intermodal shipments, but competition forces us to always search for better ways…



In and out of the country, Air freight is still fastest available transport. With Sigma Logistics your shipment will be handled with speed of sound. Only thing you have to do is whisper.

Air Freight


Consulting ServicesOur 2 decade experience in logistics in Balkan region makes us most reliable source of information when it comes to solving the problems. Sigma Logistics has built reputation of a company that can defend the position of our customer and prevent illegal deeds that can arise from ignorance.

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